Reunion / NYC Confessions
This past weekend I had the privilege of visiting some of my absolute favorite people in New York City with my absolute favorite housemate, Tucker. Despite moments of dizziness – likely from the unbearable heat wave, the sewage-incensed air, the unending multitudes of people, and the rapidly moving pace that all inevitably accompany life during the summer in the Big Apple – I doubt that there is any other place in the world that could bring so many diverse people with such varied backgrounds, interests, dreams, and lifestyles together. In just four days, I got a glimpse of my best friend from high school Justin’s new life, split between a grungy (or edgy, depending on your preference) Brooklyn apartment, which has a serious lack of air conditioning but a surplus of tasteful books and was located right next to the projects where Jay-Z grew up, and his impressive Huffington Post internship/action-packed days that have been aimed at experiencing as much of the City as humanly possible in the two short months he’s there. My lovely friend Hiji from Berlin came up from DC and joined Justin and I in our “transcendental” Chrome Sparks/XXYYXX experience at the Music Hall of Williamsburg when I nearly got a brain hernia from the absolutely absurd light show/ground-shaking bass. Tucker and I met up with two of our closest friends from Berlin for the first time since we said goodbye in Berlin last December, Justin D. & Kevin. Justin D. drove all the way down from Boston and Kevin is a die-hard New Yorker to his core (I swear he’s going to be Mayor of New York City one day – look out for Kevin Barry everyone) and our day was spent drinking Coronas on a boat off the Hudson River in the rain, eating pies at an adorable diner, having a home cooked meal with Kevin’s family in their cozy Upper West Side apartment that has clearly been home to the Barry family for decades and is filled with good art, literature and music, and then a night out that began at a random bar that might as well be a frat with all the top-40s (which Justin D. not-so-secretly appreciated as he belted out T-Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” when the DJ played it) and all the Bud Lights we drank, then to the trendy speak-easy that looks like a barber shop from the outside, to a penthouse on the upper east side decorated with Picasso, Modigliani, and Cezanne paintings where we sat on the roof listening to Cyril Hahn until the sun rose. And yes, experiencing all of this in real-life was just as ridiculous as it sounds. The next two days I got to spend time with two of my oldest friends from Korea, Val & Michelle. Despite having only gone to school together for a year and a half in middle school and being separated by thousands of miles for the past 7 years, except for our annual reunions, the three of us have managed to maintain this uniquely special bond and understanding that can only come from having known each other at that age when girls are the worst (8th/9th grades) and then watching each other grow up into more mature versions of ourselves while still holding on to parts of our 13-year-old selves who still love talking about music, boys, beautiful clothes, etc. I think my favorite part of hanging out with these two is when we are just sitting somewhere, usually Michelle’s couch, doing nothing but catching up. I realize how cheesy this all sounds but I’m feeling a tad sentimental right now so you’ll have to excuse me. Anyway, thank you to Helen Imo, Judy & Yamil, Coulter, Tucker, Hiji, Amir, Justin, Hiji, Kevin, Michelle, Val, and Justin for making my trip to NYC so special.
Time Square / Life's too short
Justin's Room No. 1
Justin's Room No.2
Cool books, No AC..
Hiji in Justin's apartment No. 1
Hiji in Justin's apartment No.2
Justin's housemate #1's room
Justin's housemate #2 $ 3's room
Justin's housemate #2 $ 3's room
Justin & I in front of a great mural near his place in Brooklyn
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The High Line
Art off the High Line
The Frying Pan Boat & Kev

Casual day drinking on the Hudson River
Kevin, Tucker, and Justin
So happy to see each other!
 Girl who looks like she jumped out of a period piece movie (sans the awesome metallic Doc Martins)
Kevin's neighborhood park:)
View from Kev's roof
Boys looking good at the frat/bar
Secret Speak Easy behind door #6
The Coulter Twins! (jk, Tucker, lol.)
Picasso painting of Notre Dame
Jusin and I's cab ride back to Brooklyn at the break of dawn

Amir & Michelle's apartment
Michelle & Val & Random chick in da back enjoying delicious ice cream
Central Park
Val, Michelle, and me in Central Park
Layers at the MoMA
Happy girl & Pollock
Rothko (my favorite)
Tucker at the MoMA No. 1
Tucker at the MoMA No. 2
Bill Brandt exhibition at the MoMA on Light & Shadows
Looking up No. 1
Looking up No. 2 / Trump Tower
Looking up No. 3 / Sky Mirror

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