A Higher Responsibility

It's been one year since the most elegant, generous, and kindest woman I knew passed. My Soo Gomo was an example of what a fiercely loving daughter/partner/older sis/aunt/dog mother/and artist looks like. Her life reminds us to live fully and never compromise on our passions and those we love.

"It has seemed to me for a long time that the influence of a loved one's death on those he has left behind ought to be nothing else but a higher responsibility. Does the one who is passing away not leave a hundredfold of everything he had begun to be continued by those who survive him – if they had shared any kind of inner bond at all? Over the past few years I have been forced to gain intimate knowledge of so many close experiences of death. But with each one who has been taken from me, I have found the tasks to have increased around me. The heaviness of this unexplained and possibly mightiest occurrence, which has assumed the reputation of being arbitrary and cruel only due to a misunderstanding, presses us more deeply into life and demands the most extreme duties of our gradually increasing strengths." - Rainer Maria Rilke

Soo Buchanan